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Archway ground feeder


We know how much you love bird watching – so why let a bird feeder ruin the view?

This unusual bird feeder is perfect for birds that feed at ground level such as dunnocks, robins and blackbirds.

The clear archway provides unobstructed views of the birds feeding so you can watch for hours, or even get the perfect photo. It also prevents the food from getting wet and can be suspended to make a feeding platform.

We know the birds will love it, and you will too!

Beacon bird feeder


We love this feeder – it’s Ideal for small birds such as tits, nuthatch, and bullfinch.

If you’re a keen bird watcher like us then you’ll want to attract as many different varieties to your garden as possible. You could team this up with our ground feeding platform. Be sure to get your binoculars ready, they will be flocking in!

Plus, this great bird feeder is made from recycled plastic – so it is kinder to the planet as well as super for your birds!

British nesting wool


Who doesn’t love a warm blanket in the colder months?

This natural washed British sheep’s wool offers a valuable material for wild birds to line their nests – improving insulation for young chicks during cold weather.

The wool may be offered in its laminated box with a hole at the front so that that birds can tease out single threads, one at a time. Alternatively the wool can be put in a spiral feeder to allow single threads to be taken

The best time to provide nesting material is between February and July. But be aware, please don’t introduce nest material into the nest space in clumps as this can lead to entrapment of our beautiful birds.

Brushwood robin nester


Our beloved robins are picky little birds and prefer an open nest with easy access.

The Brushwood robin nester is perfect and consists of a rattan landing platform with a low dividing wall separating the nesting or roosting space. It’s lightweight and can be wired into a hedge or ivy or attached to a wall using the supplied loop and fixing wire.

it’s also suitable for other species including wagtails and spotted flycatcher so who know’s who you’ll get nesting!

Did you know? Robins have been traditionally associated with Christmas ever since Victorian times, representing the red-waistcoated postmen who would deliver the cards.

Dewdrop wild bird window feeder


Get up close and personal with your garden birds.

The dewdrop wild bird window feeder is designed to stick on to your window pane. The clear design means you get a great view of the birds and the additional rope allows for more places to locate your feeder if the window isn’t the best spot! They are a favourite with tits and finches.

We love them so much, we’ve even got one on our office window!

Green dipper bird bath


This is a real treat for the birds and great on the eye too! In fact, we think its just perfect for the cottage garden.

Spend your summer’s evening watching the birds dipping, drinking and washing away. It’s a lovely way to see birds personalities as they pamper themselves, sometimes for the whole evening! It’s even more important in the winter – keep it ice free and the birds will take a much needed drink.

It’s made from frost resistant ceramic with a soft green glaze and features a decorative pair of clay birds sitting at the water’s edge.

Petal bird feeders


We all love a garden with lots of colour so add an extra ‘pop’ to yours.

These colourful garden bird feeders are in the shape of a daisy can be placed in garden borders, lawns or are perfect for pots.

Each has a drainage hole, to prevent it filling up with water and they are perfect for all types of bird food. Ceramic and ethically sourced, you’ll be pleased to know they are kind to the environment too.

They make a lovely gift – in fact, a little birdie told us they’re great!

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Premium mix – Vine House Farm


Vine House Farm’s Premium Mix bird food has 33% sunflower hearts and is a great all-round favourite for many garden birds, ideal for year-round feeding. This Premium Mix bird food is perfect for seed feeders, bird tables and ground feeders. Our Premium Mix contains sunflower hearts, wheat, kibbled maize, red millet, white millet, canary seed, naked oats, pinhead oats and oil seed rape. One of our most popular wild bird seed mixes.

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Premium peanuts – Vine House Farm


Vine House Farm’s premium peanuts are rich in essential oils and proteins making them a favourite of many garden bird species including the tit family, nuthatch and great spotted woodpecker. Their premium peanuts are independently tested to ensure that they are nil detectable signs of aflatoxin. We recommend that whole peanuts are fed in wire mesh feeders only.