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Bamboo bandages


25 per pack. PATCH NATURAL is the perfect adhesive strip for those who like to keep it simple and subtle. The ideal wound covering to help repair minor cuts and abrasions.

Our natural range is made from 100% organic bamboo fibre and free from irritating chemicals. Allowing for suitable protection and soft support for sensitive skin types.

They are perfectly crafted for all sensitive skin types.

PATCH NATURAL easily contours the skin for maximum comfort and protection. Our natural range contains certified organic bamboo gauze, that acts as an oxygen agent to assist with the skins natural healing process.


Castleton – Clay Face Mask


Containing a boost of nutrient dense, deliciously green avocado fruit and antioxidant rich green tea with real jasmine flowers. Blended with gentle French white clay, to form a face mask kind enough to help pull toxins from the skin without stripping away all the nutrients. Heavenly scented with jasmine flowers.

Castleton, with its Norman castle, provides green views in abundance. To compliment your day we’ve super-charged this clay face mask with super food Avocado fruit powder with its incredible nutrient profile plus locally sourced green tea, known for its high antioxidant properties. So after a super day out, treat your face to a Castleton Clay Face Mask.

Dog soap

Dog Soap


Like humans, some dogs have very sensitive skin. Our Little Scruffy Dog Soap is made from pure coconut and olive oils with Green French Clay- 100% natural for your pooch!

Edale clay face mask

Edale Clay Face Mask


Beautifully scented Elderflowers known to soften and soothe delicate skin are blended with the gentlest French white clay and then given an antioxidant boost of white tea (the very first tips of the tea plant). Edale will help draw out skin impurities while maintaining precious skin moisture.

Edale is a pretty village surrounded by wild and exposed moorlands, so we thought you’d like a gentle clay face mask made using wild local Elderflowers known to soothe and soften sensitive skin – perfect after a days wild hiking. Carefully blended with the finest white tea leaf buds, known for its high antioxidant benefits and gentle french white clay, you can look forward to calming and soothing your wild wind exposed face!

Fair Trade Wash Bag


Handmade from screen-printed linen, with contrasting stitch detail. This cosmetic case has a waterproof lining.

Grooming Package


Treat your partner (or yourself) to this Valentines Day to one of our gorgeous Grooming Kits!

All our products are great for you and the environment. The kit contains the Peak Skincare Outdoor face balm to sooth your skin after a long hike and also the Wild Olive Shaving Balm, great for faces and legs too!  You’ll also get to choose your own Keep Cup, to get your coffee on the go.

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Hydrophil Soap Pouch


This soap pouch is made from 100% biodegradable sisal. The surface ensures that more foam is produced and it peels your skin at the same time. Sisal is natural fibre that comes from the agave sisalana plant and is stronger and more durable than other natural fibers.

Ladybower grains

Ladybower Cleansing Grains


Rosehip shells, delicate rose petals, soft and silky oatmeal are all carefully combined with mineral rich Himalayan pink salt to form these gentle exfoliating face buffing grains. Suitable for daily cleansing or as a weekly ritual.

After walking, cycling or running around the beautiful Ladybower Reservoir we thought you’d like to give yourself another treat by gently exfoliating your face with our delicate blend of rose petals and rosehip shells. Together with fine oatmeal from the famous Caudwell’s Mill and just a little Himalayan mineral rich pink sea salt, you could combine your beautiful blossom “inside” feeling with a shiny blossom “outside” face.

lip balm

Mam Tor Lip Balm


Rich shea butter blended with nourishing coconut oil and scented with vanilla essential oil, all help to protect and nourish your luscious lips!

Product Story: Mam Tor, meaning ‘Mother Hill’ gets its name from the many landslides on the eastern side which give rise to mini hills. At 517 metre high this hill near Castleton is one of the most famous walks in the Peak District with some fantastic views. Walking uphill can be drying for your lips though (perhaps you are puffing a lot!!) so we thought you’d need a delicious coconut and vanilla lip balm to help hydrate and protect your luscious lips. The Vanilla essential oil is good grade quality, but not so strong that you would want to lick it off.

Pamper Package


Looking for the perfect gift for Valentines day?  Treat your partner (or yourself) to this gorgeous Pamper Package!

All our products are great for you and the environment. You’ll receive the Peak Skincare Hand and Nail balm, perfect for soothing hard working hands and the luxurious Clementine & Prosecco Handmade Soap.  You’ll also get to choose your own Keep Cup, to get your coffee on the go.

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Peak Skincare Bakewell Hand & Nail Balm


Named after the famous Bakewell Pudding with its Almond and Raspberry jam filling. This nourishing Almond Oil and luscious, antioxidant rich Raspberry Seed Oil, are combined with rich Shea Butter and untreated beeswax. The locally sourced beeswax is from bees busy pollinating Peak District native flowers. The oils and waxes are then scented with delicious essential oils of Vanilla and balanced out with heady sweet Labdanum. It’s ideal for everyday hand and nail care use and for protecting hands when gardening.

We know how nourishing almond and raspberry seed oils are, so we’ve included them in our Bakewell Hand & Nail Balm. Now every time you use this balm to help protect your hands, perhaps while gardening, you can think of the famous Bakewell pudding with its almond and raspberry filling and look forward to eating a slice with your favourite cup of tea – how perfect!

Peak Skincare Dovedale Outdoor Face Balm


A delicious combination of Argan, Jojoba and Apricot Oils blended with rich Shea Butter. The inclusion of locally sourced non-pore clogging beeswax helps to form a protective nourishing barrier for those fresh air outdoor activities. Equally suited to drying indoor conditions too. Scented with essential oils of Patchouli and Bergamot plus Lemongrass to help deter insects. An essential balm for everyday skincare use.

Product Story: The National Trust owns the land of Dovedale which is named after the River Dove that runs through the Dale. While this may be one of the gentlest walks of the Peak District, your ‘Dove-like’ complexion can always benefit from a little extra regular nourishment to help protect from drying winds whether the walk is easy or more challenging. So we designed a namesake Face Balm, and our Dovedale, with its light Apricot oil and precious Argan oil, is specially formulated with beeswax from bees foraging on local wild flowers to provide the essential extra ‘all-weather’ element . Plus earthy Patchouli and lemony Bergamot essential oils make the scent unisex. But don’t save it just for outdoor activities as it is suitable to use in centrally heated homes, cars and offices too!

Peak Skincare Monsal Head Hair Balm


Camellia seed oil has been used for centuries in the East as a hair conditioner, so we’ve blended it with the beautiful seed oil of the blue Starflower, known to contain high amounts of the vital hair protein (keratin). Plus enriching Jojoba seed oil, locally sourced Peak District beeswax and a simple scent of delicate Vanilla essential oil. This is sleek non greasy, hair smoothing and hair nourishing balm. Ideal for daily use.

Monsal Head is arguably the most famous view point of any Dale in the Peak District National Park. Looking down on the impressive former railway viaduct, now known as the Monsal Trail, you can be sure your hair is in place with our Monsal Head Hair Balm. Starflower seed and Camellia seed oils have high reputations for hair conditioning and together with smoothing, protective beeswax, your hair can look slick and sleek while you have fun. Who said you couldn’t pursue your outdoor adventures in style!

Pennine Way – Foot Buffing Grains


These foot buffing grains are lemony fresh with a burst of ethically grown local heather flowers. Combined with mineral rich Himalayan pink salt and soft, silky oatmeal from the historic Caudwell’s Mill in Rowsley. Gentle enough to pamper and nurture tired feet while gently exfoliating rough skin.

During late summer, an abundance of native purple/rose pink heather flowers can be seen far and wide along many areas of the Pennine Way. We wanted you to continue enjoying the heather by including their beautiful flowers (sustainably sourced, of course), in our Foot Buffing Grains, to give your feet a gentle exfoliation at the end of the day. We carefully blended the beautiful heather with lemon zest, local silky soft oatmeal and mineral rich Himalayan pink sea salt to help nurture your feet in readiness for more adventures in the Peak District.