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365 Wild Days

365 Days Wild


365 inspirational suggestions for enjoying nature – even if only for a few seconds – and setting your senses alight. Some take a few seconds, like smelling a wildflower on the way to work or tasting the sweet explosion of a fresh blackberry; others a few hours, like creating a whole area for wildlife in your garden. Some take no time at all, but involve little changes to your daily routine that will ultimately be better for wildlife, like buying a reusable coffee cup.

Badger Necklace

Badger Necklace

£25.00 £12.00

Everyone at Derbyshire Wildlife Trust loves a badger! Wear your love around your neck with this fair trade necklace.

Sourced from Just Trade, this pendant is skillfully hand carved from a tagua nut. A nut is selected that is as close to the desired finished shape as possible, which is then formed using a variety of sanding processes and polished to achieve a smooth surface. This ethical jewellery is handmade by Darwin in Sosote, Ecuador.

Beacon bird feeder

Beacon bird feeder


We love this feeder – it’s Ideal for small birds such as tits, nuthatch, and bullfinch.

If you’re a keen bird watcher like us then you’ll want to attract as many different varieties to your garden as possible. You could team this up with our ground feeding platform. Be sure to get your binoculars ready, they will be flocking in!

Plus, this great bird feeder is made from recycled plastic – so it is kinder to the planet as well as super for your birds!

Beaver adoption pack


Who wouldn’t want to adopt this little fella!?

The proceeds from the adoption pack go to our Willington Appeal where we are raising funds to bring beavers back to Derbyshire as well as lots of other exciting plans.

For more information click here.

Garden Bird guides

Bloomsbury Concise Garden Bird Guide


An encyclopaedic guide to 88 species of birds, with intricate detail on each and fully illustrated throughout. From common to rare birds, the book provides the essential details; size, general description, voice, habitat, food, occurrence in gardens, and distribution in different world regions. The layout of the pages and the style of the artwork make the birds quick and easy to identify – a perfect reference book for those intrigued in ornithology. The book comes is pocket-sized with a plastic wallet to give it durability.

Fox Necklace

Brass Fox Necklace


Sourced from Just Trade, this necklace is handmade from brass sheet and planished using a specialist hammer to give it texture.

This ethical jewellery is handmade by the women in the Flowering Desert Project in Tamil Nadu, India. The training and fairly paid employment opportunities at Flowering Desert offer a way for the women to increase their skills and future work possibilities, often bringing them a status in their society for the first time.

Not only this, but by buying the necklace through us, you’re supporting Derbyshire’s wildlife! One necklace can transform so much!

Fox purse

British Wildlife Felt Purse


Ethically sourced from Just Trade, these purses are handmade in felt and embellished with appliqué, embroidery and glass beads with contrasting cotton lining.

Just Trade collaborates with artisans around the world to create stylish, desirable handmade jewellery and accessories. Their products are sourced from eight Fair Trade groups of artisans from Peru, Vietnam, Ecuador and India. These teams use their traditional craft skills and expert knowledge to deliver these bespoke products.

Choose from a badger, fox, or hedgehog!

Bug bingo

Bug Bingo


Love bingo? Love wildlife? This is the perfect gift!

Bringing a fun and educational twist to the traditional game as players learn the names and colourings of both favourite species like the honey bee and more exotic bugs like the vampire moth.

It contains 64 superbly illustrated bug tokens, one board, 12 bingo cards and brightly coloured counters for you to mark up your card, as well as a leaflet containing basic information and a few quirky traits for all.


Butterfly habitat

Butterfly habitat


We bet you never knew you could provide a home for butterflies!

This particular butterfly habitat provides both a summer and winter house for butterflies. In summer it can be used as a nectar feeder packed full of sweet ripe fruits and in winter it makes a cosy over-wintering home for non-migratory butterflies.

This one comes in a gorgeous ‘pop’ blue and instructions to create the ideal butterfly habitat are included on the inside of the product wrap. Site the butterfly habitat in a sunny sheltered position, out of prevailing winds.

The nectar pots should be regularly filled with Wildlife World Butterfly Food with added vitamins or a sugar water solution. Feeding is especially effective in early spring and late summer when natural nectar is scarce. Place over ripe fruit in the central plastic bowl, the sweeter the better.

Once you’ve put it up, you’ll be all set to do the Big Butterfly Count in the summer!

Dewdrop bee and bug home

Dewdrop Bee and Bug House


Wildlife World’s beautiful Dewdrop Bee & Bug hotel provides nesting tubes for solitary bees & shelter for other beneficial insects in your garden. Solitary bees are wonderful pollinators of fruit, veg and flowers in your garden and as they don’t live in colonies or make honey they are non-aggressive and safe around pets and children.

DIY Wax Wrap Kit


The perfect gift for the eco conscious, crafty person in your life who is looking to reduce their plastic use.

Kit contains 3 cotton squares for waxing, instructions, waxing mixture and wooden spreading spatula.

The waxing mix contains candelilla wax, pine resin and jojoba oil and is vegan.

Keep Cup


Cut down on single use coffee cups with a beautiful Keep Cup. Great for the environment and stylish too, we have two sizes available depending on how large your coffee addiction is!