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A Wilder Life

A Wilder Life


In our technology-driven, workaday world, connecting with nature has never before been more essential and this beautiful oversized lifestyle book gives readers indispensable ideas for interacting with the great outdoors. Learn to plant a night-blooming garden, navigate by reading the stars, build an outdoor shelter, make dry shampoo, identify insects, cultivate butterflies in a backyard, or tint your clothes with natural dyes. It shows that getting in touch with nature is possible no matter who you are and—more important—where you are.

Beaver adoption pack


Who wouldn’t want to adopt this little fella!?

The proceeds from the adoption pack go to our Willington Appeal where we are raising funds to bring beavers back to Derbyshire as well as lots of other exciting plans.

For more information click here.

Butterfly and Moth guide

Bloomsbury Concise Butterfly and Moth Guide


These beautifully illustrated mini field guides are packed with information and are illustrated with superb full-colour artworks. The easy-to-follow layouts aid quick and accurate identification, and make them indispensable references in the field as well as at home.

Garden Bird guides

Bloomsbury Concise Garden Bird Guide


An encyclopaedic guide to 88 species of birds, with intricate detail on each and fully illustrated throughout. From common to rare birds, the book provides the essential details; size, general description, voice, habitat, food, occurrence in gardens, and distribution in different world regions. The layout of the pages and the style of the artwork make the birds quick and easy to identify – a perfect reference book for those intrigued in ornithology. The book comes is pocket-sized with a plastic wallet to give it durability.

Pond Wildlife guide

Bloomsbury Concise Pond Wildlife Guide


These beautifully illustrated mini-guides, packed with information, one covering the most common herbs from around the world, the other more than 190 species of animal and plant that inhabit still-water bodies such as ponds, pools and small lakes in northern Europe. The easy-to-follow layouts and superb artwork aid quick and accurate identification, making these books an indispensable reference in the field as well as at home. A durable plastic cover is included to protect them from the weather.

Tree guide

Bloomsbury Concise Tree Guide


This illustrated pocket field guide to trees covers more than 160 species in Britain and the near Continent. Full-colour artworks show details of mature trees, leaves, growth patterns and other interesting features, and each entry contains a concise written account covering size, description, habitat and distribution. To protect it against the elements in the field, the book is wrapped in a durable plastic wallet. Also includes a fold-out insert with at-a-glance pictures showing comparisons between trees, aiding quick and easy identification.

Wild Flower guide

Bloomsbury Concise Wild flower Guide


These beautifully illustrated mini field guides are packed with information and are illustrated with superb full-colour artworks. The easy-to-follow layouts aid quick and accurate identification, and make them indispensable references in the field as well as at home.

Earth Heroes


When faced with climate change, the biggest threat that human civilization has ever confronted, it’s easy to feel as if nothing you do can really make a difference. With twenty inspirational stories celebrating the pioneering work of Earth Heroes from all around the globe, from Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough to Yin Yuzhen and Isatou Ceesay, this book is a beacon of hope in the fight for our future on this planet, proving that one person, no matter how small, can make a difference.

Food for Free


This is the perfect pocket guide for aspiring foragers. Over 100 edible plants are listed, fully illustrated and described, together with recipes and other fascinating details on their use throughout the ages.

Practical advice on how to pick along with information on countryside laws and regulations on picking wild plants helps you to plan your foray with a feast in mind.

This is the ideal book for both nature lovers and cooks keen to enjoy what the countryside has to offer.

Hedgehog Handbook


An imaginative exploration of the much-loved countryside character from popular nature and outdoor living author Sally Coulthard. With beautiful illustrations of British woodlands and inspiring quotes, amazing facts and folk stories, it follows the month-by-month activities of how hedgehogs live and survive in the woods, in a friendly, entertaining way.



Driven grouse shooting, where flocks of Red Grouse are chased by lines of beaters so that they fly over lines of ‘guns’, is a peculiarly British fieldsport and a multimillion pound business dominating the hills in the north of England and throughout Scotland. A hard-hitting and passionate book about the conflict between driven grouse shooting and nature conservation in Britain, with a foreword by Chris Packham.

Natural Home Remedies


What could be more wonderful that being able to soothe your own and your family’s aches and pains naturally? Here Melissa Corkhill gives advice for treating common conditions and illnesses at home using remedies provided by Mother Nature. In this book you’ll discover how to treat non-serious complaints, such as coughs, colds and sore throats, as well as suggestions for easing the strain of more permanent conditions like eczema, arthritis and asthma. Packed with easy-to-follow recipes using herbs, essential oils and ingredients found in your kitchen, you’ll be making your own natural remedies in no time.

Planting for Honeybees

Planting Things for Honey Bees


Of the 25,000 known species of bee worldwide, only seven species are honeybees, and the shrinking of green spaces has placed them in danger. Planting for Honeybees shows you how you can help these delightful pollinators to flourish by creating a habitat for them. No matter how small or large your space, from a window ledge in the city to a country garden, Sarah Wyndham Lewis offers practical advice on which plants to grow, and when and where to plant them.

Rewild Yourself


An innovative book of 23 spells designed to reinvigorate the presence of nature from the author of bestsellers such as How to be a Bad Birdwatcher. Simon Barnes believes that in the busy, technological modern world we inhabit, we too often forget the beauties of the wild world so he has made it his mission to allow us to re-register with the wild in order to reap its healing benefits once more.

Sky Dancer


A partnership between Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and Wild Justice, written by schoolchildren this booklet is a collection of fantastic poems and stories about the perils facing Hen Harriers. Forward by Chris Packham

Spotting and Jotting guide

Spotting And Jotting Guide – Our British Birds


There is nothing better than spotting a bird you have never seen before, and this brilliant new guide from “the Banksy of the bird world” provides a handy way to keep all your jottings in check. His much-loved pop-style watercolour illustrations are true-to-life, including wild and wonderful birds from Greenfinches to Goldcrests, Blackcaps and Collared doves. This is the perfect accessory for bird-seekers and nature-lovers alike