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Garden Bird guides

Bloomsbury Concise Garden Bird Guide


An encyclopaedic guide to 88 species of birds, with intricate detail on each and fully illustrated throughout. From common to rare birds, the book provides the essential details; size, general description, voice, habitat, food, occurrence in gardens, and distribution in different world regions. The layout of the pages and the style of the artwork make the birds quick and easy to identify – a perfect reference book for those intrigued in ornithology. The book comes is pocket-sized with a plastic wallet to give it durability.

Tree guide

Bloomsbury Concise Tree Guide


This illustrated pocket field guide to trees covers more than 160 species in Britain and the near Continent. Full-colour artworks show details of mature trees, leaves, growth patterns and other interesting features, and each entry contains a concise written account covering size, description, habitat and distribution. To protect it against the elements in the field, the book is wrapped in a durable plastic wallet. Also includes a fold-out insert with at-a-glance pictures showing comparisons between trees, aiding quick and easy identification.

Fox Necklace

Brass Fox Necklace


Sourced from Just Trade, this necklace is handmade from brass sheet and planished using a specialist hammer to give it texture.

This ethical jewellery is handmade by the women in the Flowering Desert Project in Tamil Nadu, India. The training and fairly paid employment opportunities at Flowering Desert offer a way for the women to increase their skills and future work possibilities, often bringing them a status in their society for the first time.

Not only this, but by buying the necklace through us, you’re supporting Derbyshire’s wildlife! One necklace can transform so much!

Fox purse

British Wildlife Felt Purse


Ethically sourced from Just Trade, these purses are handmade in felt and embellished with appliqué, embroidery and glass beads with contrasting cotton lining.

Just Trade collaborates with artisans around the world to create stylish, desirable handmade jewellery and accessories. Their products are sourced from eight Fair Trade groups of artisans from Peru, Vietnam, Ecuador and India. These teams use their traditional craft skills and expert knowledge to deliver these bespoke products.

Choose from a badger, fox, or hedgehog!

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Chilly’s bottles


Treat yourself to a famous Chilly’s bottle – you won’t regret it!

They’re environmentally friendly – you’ll reduce your single use plastic from day one and they are perfect for taking on a long, cold winter’s walk so you can stop and have a hot, hot chocolate – or a cold drink on a hot summer’s picnic!

Constructed with advanced double wall vacuum technology the Chilly’s bottle provides high performance with modern and stylish designs

  • 24 hours cold
  • 12 hours hot
  • Leak proof
  • Quality materials, BPA free

We’ve all got one!

Christmas cards

Christmas Cards


Support Derbyshire Wildlife Trust this Christmas by purchasing our beautiful Christmas Cards. Fully environmentally friendly, our cards feature beautiful winter scenes to get you in the mood to celebrate.

DIY Wax Wrap Kit


The perfect gift for the eco conscious, crafty person in your life who is looking to reduce their plastic use.

Kit contains 3 cotton squares for waxing, instructions, waxing mixture and wooden spreading spatula.

The waxing mix contains candelilla wax, pine resin and jojoba oil and is vegan.

Do Bee-Keeping


Whether you live in the city or the countryside, it’s possible to set up your own hive and install your first bees. Orren Fox, beekeeper and sustainable food advocate, advises on the tools and equipment you require to get started, and how to inspect and harvest your hive. You will also learn about bees and their intricate world of pollination and honey production. Includes a selection of honey-based recipes.

Do Wild Baking

Do Wild-Baking


Cooking outdoors can be a challenge – building your own fire for starters – but the rewards are great: grilled mackerel on the beach; a hearty stew eaten under a starlit sky; ash-baked flatbreads plucked from the glowing embers. Tom Herbert, a fifth-generation baker, encourages you to get your hands dirty, have fun, and make memories that last. Armed with your hero ingredients, essential kit, and some kindling, you’ll be inspired to leave the kitchen for an outdoor adventure even if it’s just outside your home.

Fox brooch

Fox Brooch


Sourced from Just Trade, these animal brooches are hand crocheted from Peruvian cotton using traditional South American crochet techniques.

These ethical accessories are made by Blanca, Yola, Beatriz, Dina and Antonia in the Hope Jewellery fair trade project in Lima, Peru. By working with Just Trade, these women are able to educate their children and secure a better future for their families.

All of this, and then by buying through us you’re also helping Derbyshire’s wildlife – who knew one brooch could do so much!

Hello Nature Activity Cards

Hello Nature Activity Cards


Can you identify a tree from its seed? How is a frog different from a toad? And where can you find the Big Dipper?

Explore the natural world around you using these activity cards based on the book Hello Nature.

Take them with you while walking in the woods, holidaying on the beach or just pottering in your own back garden. With over 40 activities to try, from making feather quill pens and boats made of nutshells, to creating helicopter-seed dragonflies, there is fun for all the family.

Hello Nature – Draw, Colour, Make, and Grow


A nature scrapbook packed with fascinating facts and brilliant activities, from the author-illustrator of My Wonderful World of Fashion. Doodle, draw and colour in leaves, butterflies, plants and much more. How many different types of snowflakes are there, and how are leaves formed? Find out how to make leaf prints, twig sculptures and minibeast hotels. Explore the weird and wonderful things all around us – whether in a park, the garden or even the living room.

Hidden World Forest

Hidden World – Forest Lift the Flap


Learn about the flora and fauna of the forest in this beautifully illustrated, interactive book. Each spread is themed, with six flaps opening to reveal sumptuous illustrations and fun, bite-sized facts. Perfect for introducing young children to the wonders of the woodland.

Keep Cup


Cut down on single use coffee cups with a beautiful Keep Cup. Great for the environment and stylish too, we have two sizes available depending on how large your coffee addiction is!