Grass-fed Meat



Our cows graze a number of nature reserves around the county and using cattle reduces the need for fossil fuel powered tractors and machines to mow.  Cows emit few noxious gases and don’t cause soil compaction, soil erosion or pollution from oils or fuels and of course we use no pesticides to control weeds as the livestock eat them too. All our animals are totally grass fed, eating our homemade hay in the winter, which doesn’t just give them a great flavour, it makes the meat better for you too. Naturally reared meat is lower in saturated fat, and higher in omega-3, mineral and vitamins. And of course any proceeds from the sale of our meat goes straight back in to our work to keep on protecting and defending our wildlife in Derbyshire.

Our beef is available in 10kg boxes with a wide range of cuts in each box, priced at £12/kg. All the meat is butchered professionally and vacuum packed into portion sized packs. Each box contains the full range of cuts from mince and stewing steak through brisket and braising steak, silverside and topside roasting joints, to rump, sirloin and rib-eye steak. Our boxes also include the butchers homemade flavoured sausages, (e.g. beef and tomato, beef and spring onion) which are 100% quality meat only as our meat is hung for 3 weeks before being butchered and any offal is disposed of at the time of slaughter.

Alternatively we can also make up a personalised box just for you based on your needs and preferences. These will be priced depending on which cuts you require and the quantities but we will always make sure our prices are competitive and excellent value for money. In this instance, please ring 01773 881188 to discuss.

Collection only. Please select ‘Collect from us’ at the checkout, and we shall get in touch via your contact details to arrange a collection slot.