Butterfly habitat


We bet you never knew you could provide a home for butterflies!

This particular butterfly habitat provides both a summer and winter house for butterflies. In summer it can be used as a nectar feeder packed full of sweet ripe fruits and in winter it makes a cosy over-wintering home for non-migratory butterflies.

This one comes in a gorgeous ‘pop’ blue and instructions to create the ideal butterfly habitat are included on the inside of the product wrap. Site the butterfly habitat in a sunny sheltered position, out of prevailing winds.

The nectar pots should be regularly filled with Wildlife World Butterfly Food with added vitamins or a sugar water solution. Feeding is especially effective in early spring and late summer when natural nectar is scarce. Place over ripe fruit in the central plastic bowl, the sweeter the better.

Once you’ve put it up, you’ll be all set to do the Big Butterfly Count in the summer!




The butterfly house is made from slow-seasoned timber which is naturally durable so does not require additional treatments. The blue water-based painted finish is for decorative purposes and may be topped up periodically to maintain its appearance.


245mm x 240mm x 180mm


Approx.  0.62 kg unpackaged

Regularly wash the nectar pots and replace the butterfly food to prevent build-up of bacteria to which the butterflies may be susceptible


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