Dipper – Wild Christmas Appeal


Dipper – Wild Christmas Appeal

Give the gift of nature by donating to our Wild Christmas appeal. Make your donation by purchasing now, receive your beautifully designed card to give to a friend and we’ll make sure your £7 goes to helping that species thrive.

  • Choose your favourite animal, like dipper, and purchase a card to make your donation
  • Send the card to a friend and we’ll take you on a wild journey with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
  • We’ll use your £7 to make sure dipper has everything she needs this Christmas

Together, we can create a wilder future for wildlife this Christmas. Support our Wild Christmas appeal and help save your favourite wildlife, like dipper.

Every penny raised from our Wild Christmas appeal goes back into building a wilder future, for dippers and for all wildlife.

All cards will be posted out in early December, to arrive in plenty of time for Christmas!


It’s the night before Christmas and tucked safely in an old nest in a riverbank, I’m sound asleep. My nest is lined with bits of moss and old feathers and twigs, long abandoned from the spring. Winter is always hard for us dippers as food is scarce, but so far, I’ve foraged enough insects and small fish to stay strong and healthy. Thanks for looking out for me this Christmas – thanks to you, and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, I’m looking forward to a wilder future.

Love Dipper x

£7 will go towards projects such as cleaning our rivers of pollution and helping them to flow more naturally. Send your card to a friend and help them have a Wild Christmas, too!

Thanks to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, and their supporters like you, dippers have a wilder future. By giving someone the gift of nature this Christmas, you’re helping us to make our rivers stronger and healthier. We’re working in our own nature reserves and beyond to help wildlife recover. We’re restoring landscapes to make our rivers free from pollution and litter. We’re putting the meanders back in rivers and helping floodplains to recover.

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