Solitary bee hive


The buzz of a bee is the true sound of summer. There is nothing nicer than a glass of wine on a summer’s eve in a beautiful garden watching bees working away.

They are of our best pollinators and benefit all sorts of our flowers, fruit and vegetables so welcome them with open arms – and a nice place to live…

This little bee hive is constructed in durable FSC certified timber and is perfect for solitary bees. It’s fascinating to watch them create their little home within one of the holes.

This particular one can be carefully separated to view the formation of small cells where the eggs are laid – great for kids to learn all about these special little creatures!





Made from durable FSC certified timber, no chemical treatment is needed.


200mm x 220mm x 220mm


Approx.  1.6kg unpackaged

Site in a sunny position facing between south, south east to catch some morning sun. Mounting height between ground level and 1.5m. Protect full bee tubes with mesh to prevent predation by woodpeckers


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