Toad – Wild Christmas Appeal (eCard)


Toad – Wild Christmas Appeal (eCard)

Give the gift of nature by donating to our Wild Christmas appeal. Give in the name of yourself or a friend, get a beautiful eCard and we’ll make sure your £7 goes to helping that species thrive.

  • Choose your favourite animal, like toad, and purchase an eCard to make your donation
  • Send the eCard to a friend and we’ll take you and them on a wild journey with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
  • We’ll use your £7 to make sure toad has everything he needs this Christmas

Together, we can create a wilder future for wildlife this Christmas. Support our Wild Christmas appeal and help save your favourite wildlife, like toad.

Every penny raised from our Wild Christmas appeal goes back into building a wilder future, for toads and for all wildlife.

Ecard Preview


It’s the night before Christmas, and in a dark, quiet corner, tucked away under a pile of logs, I’m snoozing soundly. I’m dreaming of the warmer days of spring, just a couple of months away. I’m dreaming of strings of toadspawn in the ponds nearby and the familiar splosh of water as we leap in. Thanks for looking out for me this Christmas – thanks to you, and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, I’m looking forward to a wilder future.

Love Toad x

£7 will go towards projects such as creating more homes for our toads, like ponds, wood piles and marshes. We’ll send you an eCard in return, for you and a friend! You can add your own message, too.

Thanks to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, and their supporters like you, toads have a wilder future. By supporting our work, you’re helping us to create ponds and ditches, places for toads to live and thrive like woodpiles, and we’re encouraging you to do the same in your gardens, too. We’re joining up all wild places, like our nature reserves, using your gardens, parks and woodlands, to create a single landscape buzzing and croaking with wildlife.