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Alexia Claire - Garden Bird Spotting

Alexia Claire - Garden Bird Spotting

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Enjoy your bird watching at any age with this Garden Birds Spotting notepad. This wonderful notepad has an illustration of each garden bird, along with a tick box whereby you could tick them off or note the number of that bird you've seen.

This notepad is perfect for all ages, all experiences and whether indoor or outdoor. You could use it as a children's activity for a rainy or gloomy day, sat in front of the window or you could use it as an avid bird watcher to log your sightings as certain times of the week or year.

There is space to write the date and weather for the day of your bird spotting. There are also spaces at the bottom of the notepad to add in any other bird names.

The notepad comes with 50 sheets in full colour, all beautifully illustrated by Alexia Claire. Each page is the same.
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